Roast Pork with Balsamic Potatoes

Tonight I made roast pork with balsamic potatoes and onions that has featured on a particular *cough* chefs TV programme. It took a lot of pausing the freeview box to get the gist of the recipe!
I have to admit I liked it more than I expected.
For the pork I removed the skin and covered the joint of meat in rosemary, fennel seeds, black pepper and salt. Bunged it in the oven at 200oc for 1 hour, then let meat rest for 10 or so minutes.
While the pork was beginning to cook, I blanched the potatoes for 5 min, then put in a hot roasting tin with some olive oil. Placed a couple of onions and bulb of garlic in between the potatoes. Covered with about 200ml of balsamic vinegar, seasoned then baked for about 50 min.

tip: don’t use your best roasting tin for the potatoes, the sticky balsamic mess will ruin it!

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