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With the rain pouring down I decided not to go into town, but have a “duvet day”. Only once I opened the bedroom curtains did I have a bit of a shock! When we brought our cottage the searches did mention prone to flooding, but in the 2 years we’ve been here hadn’t seen any sign of floods…serves me right for thinking the summer holiday was getting a bit boring. It turns out the pond at the top of the hill has burt it’s banks and is flowing towards us.

I pulled on my finest pink floral wellies and headed outside. What’s nice about where I live is that when a crisis happens, be it a blackout etc.., all the neighbors come out and help. I was running around on “operation makeshift sandbag” while nextdoor was trying to locate the drains to check they were not blocked (he also got soaked thanks to some idiot in a 4×4 racing through the flooded road). At the worst point in our drive the water is about 7 inches deep. We also phoned the council over 2 hours ago, but there is still no sign of the sandbags. I bet if we had been council property they would have been here over like a shot. At it’s peak the water was about 1 inch from coming our house, it has subsided a bit, but there is more rain on the way. Friends are coming for the weekend so I hope it doesn’t get worse.

While one neighbor was making cups of tea I took out my treacle cakes.

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