Roast Chicken

On Sunday I decided to loose my roast chicken virginity and attempt to cook a crown of chicken. I didn’t bother with a whole chicken as Hubbie & I wouldn’t eat the legs/wings. Chicken tasked delicious, but I wasn’t a big fan of my gravy. Also something went seriously wrong with my yorkie puds. Usually they turn out perfect, but this time they were greasy pancakes and my stuffing was mushy. I put it down to the fact of the oven being slightly cooler due to the chicken cooking.

Roast Chicken

Crown of chicken
75g butter
1 lemon
a few bay leaves
1 big onion
2 carrots
glass of white wine

1) Preaheat oven to 230oc. Mix butter, pepper and a bit of lemon juice together and massage it under the skin of the chicken. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze juice over the chicken, place halves inside chicken cavity. Sprinkle a little bit of crushed black pepper and salt over chicken.

2) Peel onion and cut into 1/8. Chop carrots and place around chicken in roasting tin. Pour wine into tin.

3) Cook for 15min. Turn down to 160oc and continue to cook. (total time = 20 min per lb, plus and additional 25 min). Baste chicken every 20 min or so.

4) Once the chicken is cooked rest on a walmed plate for 15 min.

I was planning on making spicy lamb pies today, but I’m not feeling very well. It probably didn’t help that I had cheesecake for breakfast!

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