Raspberry Vinegar

Recently H2B & I decided we really needed to make use of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us. Sunday we went to a classic car show and had a picnic by the river, then today we went to a reservior and stumbled across a nature reserve that used to be an old limeworks. We didn’t see a single other soul and the views were stunning. First we came accross the last few bluebells and ?whitebells. We also found a huge blanket of wild garlic of which we took some leaves and will try and cook with it tomorrow.
For ages H2B has been craving Raspberry Vinegar. His grandma always used to make it and whenever her used to go around he used to taste it. It does take a month to make, but it worth it.

Raspberry Vinegar
White wine/cider vinegar
1) Add fresh raspberries to white wine or cider vinegar – allow 1kg fruit to 1 litre vinegar. Store in a sealed jar or bottle for a month, shaking the bottle when you remember, so the vinegar takes on the colour and fragrance of the fruit. Then strain and rebottle.
2) To convert the vinegar to an an old-fashioned raspberry cordial, simply sweeten it with sugar syrup, made by dissolving sugar in its own volume of boiling water. Mix two parts vinegar to one part syrup.
3) The cordial makes a refreshing drink when well-iced and diluted with sparkling water or lemonade. Alternatively, take a spoonful neat as a cough syrup.

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