Hosting Christmas and our perfect cheeseboard

papa handwritten place name festive table setting

Usually this year we’d be celebrating Christmas at my parents’ house near Liverpool but due to various circumstances I’m now hosting it at our home 120 miles away. This will be the first time I’ve ever hosted Christmas and the first time my mum hasn’t cooked it in 40 years.

Hostess Badge

As a child I revelled in doing my Hostess badge at Brownies and when Christmas came around I was the one to decorate the table and fold the napkins in various ways. Fair to say I’m relishing in the idea of hosting Christmas.

When we bought our house 6 years ago one of the prerequisites was that it had to fit a dining room table big enough for 8 without having to resort to emergency chairs and tables. We then made sure we bought a table to fit that standard. How it’s going to work with a Christmas tree in the corner who knows. It may be a case of only exiting under the table or via the patio doors.

flatlay cheeseboard with Robert Welch cheese knives

Keeping it simple and homegrown

For us the giant white tablecloth will make it’s annual appearance as well as proper napkins, flowers from my friend Kerry at Blossom Tree plus some greenery from the garden, then simple butchers twine holding the silverware pouch closed and place names written by L’s fair hand. The table will be full of food there won’t be room for much more.

Cheeseboard with Robert Welch cheese knives

This is L’s 5th Christmas and it is really the first year she wants to get actively involved. She’s already decided where everyone is going to sit for dinner and is totally enthralled by the prospect of a course dedicated to her favourite food – cheese.

Bring on the cheese

Yes there will be the usual turkey and trimmings, Christmas pudding and possibly a starter but the festive season can’t go by without the cheeseboard of dreams.

Christmas cheeseboard

The cheeseboard board will be filled with delights from Borough Market thanks to my London-living brother. Think Gowydd Caerphilly, Stichelton, a delicious Cornish Brie, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester and something from L’Ubriaco Drunk Cheese.

Not forgetting something to accompany the cheese: crackers, fresh fruit, maybe some chutney and some unconventional pretzels. This will of course be washed down with port for the grown ups.

Are you hosting Christmas this year? How are you setting the table and most importantly will you be having a cheeseboard?

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  • Enjoy being host this year. I’m sure your mum will enjoy the break, I expect this may become a new family tradition as it’s nice for little ones to be in their own home on Christmas day.
    Until a couple of years ago we’d never even had Christmas day in our own home but with two children now we wanted to change that. Sadly we couldnt have known that last year’s christmas was my Mum’s last so this year will be a big adjustment for us all but especially my Dad. Cheese will definitely be on my menu as I’m wanting to eat less carbs so will be swapping sweets for cheese!

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