The Cottage

This little cottage has been our home for 5 years now, we love the place and will be sad when we have to inevitably move in the next few years. The nature of the cottage means we can’t extend it and we’re running out of room with us only have one bedroom. I suppose we’ve been spoilt; Our first house to be a little quaint cottage with fields to the front and fields to the back and a good pub within stumbling distance. It makes moving house difficult as the next house will have to match this house, but just be bigger. As from July this house will be my office, so I have to be happy here.

Living in a small house makes you become creative with storage solutions. What no-one knows when they visit the house is that the retro looking bread tin doesn’t contain bread at all, but it full of different packets of rice and flours. The antique chest is rammed with walking/camping equipment and also doubles up as extra seating plus the secret cupboard is just the right size for a small hover.

An advantage of a Georgian Cottage is the original beams. We’re not making a design statement by hanging various shiny utensils from it, but because we literally don’t have anywhere else for the items to be stored. At least it makes us look like we know what we’re doing in the kitchen.

The final feature and probably the focal point is the fire. Not original, but provides all the heat we need to warm the house through considering 200-year-old cottages never came with central heating. Nothing is more comforting than huddling around the fire in the depths of winter while toasting marshmallows. The design of the house: south-facing, thick walls, well insulated roof means its warmer than many centrally heated houses I’ve been in. Saying that, here your never far from a warm, snuggly fleecy blanket. Essential for any self-respecting cottage owner. Where are these sins against fashion? Hiding in the unassuming wicker basket just behind the setee…you’d never know.

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