Duck eggs

Today we managed to get our hands on some huge duck eggs. I’m never used or eaten them before and was really drawn to their beautiful colours. All of them appeared to be different hues of blue. The photo doesn’t show how fabulous the colours were.

For lunch Hubby used some of the duck eggs to make scrambled eggs with purple sprouting broccoli as inspired by a dish A Slice of Cherry Pie. The only difference was that hubby flash fried the PSB in butter for a minute rather then boiling. The duck eggs are slightly richer than hen eggs and Hubby was really impressed on how the duck eggs complimented the PSB so well.

From what I can gather you can more of less use duck eggs where you use hen eggs, but just take into account they are bigger. I’m thinking of using them to make Yorkshire puds to go with tomorrows roast chicken.

Does anyone else have any other fab ideas for duck eggs?

Thank you so much to Sylvie at the wonderfulA Pot of Tea and a Biscuit for her Excellent Blog award. I’m truly flattered. Now I’m meant to pass this onto bloggers whose blogs I believe to be excellent, but there are so many fab blogs out there I’m struggling to narrow it down!

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