Make Eat Get Read Go – October 2019

After a brief hiatus in September, the blog is back. We’ve survived our first half term juggling my new job and family/life commitments. Things are good. In fact, I’m sitting at my desk at home for the first time in nearly two months. My new job is desk-based so it’s nice to escape the computer and desk outside work hours.

Make – Cherry Bakewell Rocky Road

One of L’s loves is glace cherries. Not that long ago she declared them to be the sticky, most wonderful thing in the world.

When we meet up with my family it’s become a tradition that I make rocky road of some description. When L saw the pictures for this on GBBO winner Frances Quinn‘s Instagram feed she knew she wanted to make it.

It’s totally extravagant and not something you’d make regularly, but between the eight of us it went down rather well and surprisingly not too sweet.

Eat – Project D doughnuts

Project D is a new venture on the Derby food scene and since Hubs has a fondness for doughnuts we decided to treat us to some spooky doughnuts when we were in town.

They were a nice treat, but I don’t think you can beat a simple doughnut filled with raspberry jam

Get – creative with cake

Okay, it would seem October featured a great deal of cake. L has started to watch Junior Bake Off and thoroughly enjoys it. So much so she’s started to critique my cooking with words like glorious, perfect texture and burnt…

One wet weekend she asked if she could bake a cake for all of her family. I was given strict instructions as to what the cake would contain. She made most of the cake herself and she certainly wouldn’t let me get involved with the decorating.

It was a layered chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. Then topped with pink glac̩ icing and an unholy amount of sprinkles, some chocolate fingers and the pi̬ce de r̩sistance Рa handcrafted marzipan unicorn that quite frankly looked like it was having a sugar high.

Read – The Girls by Lauren Ace

I first found out about this beautiful book from Gemma – MutherHood on Instagram.

It’s about four different girls who grow up together and although they sometimes fall out they always support each other and are there when they need it. The illustrations in the book are lovely too.

It’s one of L’s favourite books at the moment.

Go – Arriva Scouse 5k

Siblings can convince you to do silly things. Late on Saturday night while I was back in the motherland they managed to convince me to run my first 5k race – the Arriva Scouse 5k.

Scousers are pretty good at taking the mick out of themselves and the whole perm and tash started thanks to a Harry Enfield sketch.

Along with around 4000 others I pounded the streets of Liverpool early one Sunday morning donning a “Grotbags Green” permed wig. I left the shellsuit at home.

I ran it in a respectable 31 minutes and it was the longest I’ve ever run without stopping. My brother and sister-in-law kept me going. Hubs, however, decided I was too slow to run with and raced off within minutes of the race starting.

The pretty, glitzy medal and post bacon buttie was worth the run.

November sees some festive baking, an enchanted afternoon tea with Elsa and Anna and more adventures.

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