Make Eat Get Read Go – August 2019

Make – bread in my new cast iron loaf tin

Loaf baked in a petronax cast iron loaf tin

I’m a big fan of baking my own bread. With starting my new job I have fallen off the bread wagon a bit but hope to jump back on it before long.

At the beginning of August I finally found a product I’ve been searching for ages – a cast iron loaf tin with a lid. You can get one from Petromax. It was a bit of a luxury purchase, but baking in a dutch oven really does make the best bread and now I can bake loaves the perfect shape for weekday sarnies.

Eat – Mrs Bell’s Brownies subscription

I’ve raved about Holly Bell’s brownies before and for my birthday Hubs treated me to 3 months worth of Brownie Club. These tins contain flavours that you can’t usually get from Holly.

My first tin was the August tin. It contained Cherry Bakewell, Mint Aero and Mango Cheesecake blondie flavours. I’ve already asked Holly to make the Bakewell and Mint Aero brownies as regular flavours as they were so amazing. Up there with her Double Decker brownies.

Get – Silent Pool Gin

Disclaimer: I’m not a big drinker at all, but do like a good gin. As I’ve got older I’ve got fussier acquired more expensive taste with what I drink.

My favourite gins are ones that are strong, with a good dry botanical kick. I’m not the biggest fan of sweet, flavoured gins. Sipsmiths VJOP is another favourite.

I confess I was influenced by people on Instagram and the pretty bottle, to buy this gin. It was a new job treat and so far every Friday after work I’ve toasted another week with a glass of Silent Pool gin & tonic with a twist of orange. Cheers!

Read – Pinch of Nom

Pinch of Nom cookbook

My local library has recently launched an ebook app called BorrowBox and it’s definitely helping me read more. Here paper books struggle to get read as the top times for me to read are the last thing at night and first thing in the morning when I’m in bed.

Not only does the app feature fiction, but a good amount of cookbooks too. I’ve seen lots of people rave about Pinch of Nom, but I confess what had put me off was that its tag line mentions the word “slimming”. I didn’t want slimming recipes, I wanted the tasty real deal.

So far we’ve tried four recipes from Pinch of Nom and I’ve been really impressed. Tasty, filling dishes that don’t use obscure ingredients. Big thumbs up here.

Go – Secret Cinema Casino Royale

Secret Cinema Casino Royale outfits

We’re Secret Cinema veterans now with the lastest Casino Royale being our third experience.

Secret Cinema is such a hard thing to describe unless you’ve been there. The evening started in a casino before being whisked away to Russia, Italy and Montenegro not before heading to Q Branch to speak to MI5 for clues. The evening was spent pretending to be a spy, drinking martinis and one of us having a poker match with a member of the Secret Cinema cast.

We have bets on that a future Secret Cinema will be Great Gatsby. Just think of the cocktails and costumes.

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