Make Eat Get Read Go – June 2019

June has been a good month for adventures and delicious food. So much so I’ve struggled to narrow it down to just five six things to mention this month.

Make – Coffee Cake

double espresso and pistachio cake on a white plate

If you could pick a favourite cake what would it be? Mine is coffee cake. My Auntie Sass, who unsurprisingly is a WI member, bakes a great coffee cake. In fact, I have a fondness for any baked goods that have been flavoured with coffee.

As much as I love the cake I rarely bake it as Hubs cannot abide it.

Every few weeks I meet up with my friend Leila for a run. We run, set the world to right then eat cake. Sometimes with a glass of Buck’s Fizz. I met Leila at a Clandestine Cake Club a few years ago. We’ve started to take it in turn to bake the after run treat. This particular run was a coffee cake.

I used the Dan Lepard Double Espresso & Brazil Nut Cake recipe but subbed brazil nuts for pistachio and scaled the recipe down to two eggs.

Eat – Lasan

Lasan menu with round glass of Seedlip Tea Garden mocktail

Lasan has been on our hit list for a while. The fine dining Indian restaurant first came to the public eye around 9 years ago on Gordon Ramsay’s F Word where it was awarded Britains Best Local Restaurant.

We visited on a Saturday evening with Hub’s boss and his wife. We spent a good time in the bar drinking cocktails and perusing the menu before heading through to the main dining room.

I’m not a big alcohol drinker and it’s always refreshing to go somewhere that has a good non-alcoholic selection that doesn’t rely on fruit juice or elderflower cordial. I went for the Tea Garden cocktail. Seedlip Garden with rose petals and Darjeeling-infused tonic water. Delicious.

We all went for different dishes. I went for delicious paneer with pineapple salsa, lamb curry for main and a beetroot halwa. The halwa was a delicious surprise. I was worried it may be too sweet for me, but the beetroot balanced the flavours perfectly.

I’m a big fan of Indian food and it was a pleasure to eat it fine dining style. It’s by no mean the cheapest place to eat but for a special treat worth every penny.

Get – Harrods Bakewell Tart

Two round Bakewell Tarts from Harrods topped with a shiny red cherry made from mousse

One hot June day I ventured down for a day of decadence in London with fellow V&A lover Leila. The day started with a much-needed lunch at Dishoom (we were 2 minutes late for a famous Dishoom breakfast).

After visiting the Dior Exhibition (see below) we decided tea and cake was in order so ambled up the road to Harrods. I had on good authority how good patisserie is at Harrods. We were also glad to be somewhere indoors and cooler.

Along with coffee cake, it’s rare I can pass a Bakewell Tart and the ones on the Harrods Patisserie counter were truly beautiful. Edible art.

I couldn’t walk away and leave this beautiful cake untasted so I lovingly protected my Harrods cake box on the tube and car journey home and although the mousse cherry suffered a bit in the heat it was still absolutely divine. One of the best I have ever tasted.

I’m back in London later in July for a joint birthday weekend and I think I may have to return to the counter to try their delectable Afternoon Tea selection of mini patisserie.

Read Listen – Squiggly Careers

It’s fair to say I’ve had a squiggly career and it looks like it’s about to take another big twist.

A squiggly career is a working life that goes in lots of directions while still moving forward, not a traditional straight career path and often they are linked to being self-employed.

I listen to lots of podcasts while I’m out and about doing things. I found these Squiggly Careers episodes interesting and inspirational and ended up listening to three back to back.

If you too have a squiggly career, need a confidence boost with work or want to overcome your confidence gremlins I highly recommend giving some episodes a listen.

Go – Backstreet Boys DNA tour

24 years ago when my friend and I were teenagers we went to our first concert at Birmingham NEC called Big Twix Mix. We had front row seats and there is even TV footage of us swaying along.

One of the acts had pulled out last minute and Backstreet Boys were their replacement. From then on Rach & I were hooked. Only found out recently that other acts at this concert included David Bowie & Rod Stewart, but forget that we were there for East 17 and Backstreet Boys.

Wind forward a couple of decades, four BSB concerts later and we’re at Manchester Arena reliving our youth complete with a Smirnoff Ice in hand.

We danced and even screamed like we were teens again and quite frankly had a fabulous time. We tried to put to the back of our mind that some members of the band were now pushing 50.

Go (part 2) – Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Two white and purple floral dresses on a white background with purple paper flowers at the V&A Dior exhibition

I’ve loved the V&A museum ever since I first visited with my A level art class. When I visit my first point of call is the costume section. I’ve always been fascinated with the art of clothing.

I got my ticket for the Dior exhibition at V&A Museum not long after they went on sale and before the hype surrounding it meant it’s been a sell out.

The exhibition features dresses from 1947 to the present day and was one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to.

Everything from how the exhibition was laid out to the variety of dresses on display. I was expecting everything to be behind glass, but the majority of dresses weren’t and you could see the exceptional detail on each one.

I also enoyed the room with calico mockups of the dress so you could really appreciate the workmanship in each garment.

Although the exhibition is sold out there are limited tickets available every day and V&A members can get in free. We were stood next to a famous actress and her partner while queuing to get in, but as who that was that would be telling…

July is the month of birthdays and (hopefully) a new job. Bring on the cake.

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