Make Eat Get Read Go – May 2019

We seem to have crammed a lot in to May. Two bank holidays, two trips to London and one less tooth (mine, not L’s).

Make – Honey Bee Cakes

Young girl holding a cupcake topped by marzipan bee and flower

This term L has been learning all about minibeasts at school. When I asked her what she wanted to bake one weekend it didn’t take her long to decide it had to be honey bee cupcakes from one of her Annabel Karmel kids cookbooks.

She took so much care and attention making the marzipan bees. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bees are made again for future cakes.

They make very sweet cakes that remind me of the camping staple that is McVities Jamaican Ginger Cake.

Eat – Gingerline – The Grand Expedition

We went to this event on a press ticket. I was under no obligation to blog about it but enjoyed it so much I wanted to share.

Gingerline are an immersive dining experience company and a couple of years ago we went to their Juniper Manor event for my birthday that was in partnership with Sipsmiths Gin.

Now it’s quite tricky to write about what we experienced as it is a secret event that is full of surprises. The evening starts with a text message telling you where to meet, this time outside an unassuming industrial unit. We were then led inside to a different world. It was very different from Juniper Manor in that we were in one room for the whole of the night and this transformed as the night went on.

The set and performances that happened around you and led to each course were very clever. Although we didn’t know the six other people on our table at the start we were soon chatting away and enjoying the experience together.

This Gingerline adventure only has a few weeks left.

Get – latest Ritter Sport fix

Ritter Sport lemon waffle and coffee variety

I totally blame my years living in Germany for my fondness of Ritter Sport. Yes sometimes I will splash out on the finest enrobed single-estate truffle, then other times it needs to be Germany’s finest culinary export.

German Deli shop at Borough Market is one of my favourite shops. Not only do they sell lots of food for me to get nostalgic over, but also a pretty comprehensive selection of Ritter Sport.

The lemon waffle one was too sweet for me, but the coffee one with caramelised coffee beans was a delicious pick-me-up.

Read – Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard

Crusty cheese loaf cooked in black cast iron dutch oven lined with baking parchment

Sourdough and I haven’t been good friends recently. I began to get inconsistently poor loaves, and when you’ve spent a good day or two nurturing the yeasty beast it’s frustrating. Bob the Sourdough Starter is still bubbling away in the fridge but he’s been replaced with the fail safe that is fast action yeast.

Dan Lepard is now a hero with his Short & Sweet cookbook. His easy bread recipe is now my go-to weekday loaf recipe. I bake it using the dutch oven method to get a cracking crust.

His Farmhouse Loaf using half sponge method with a healthy handful of cubed mature cheddar is rather special.

Go – Doing It For The Kids meetup

Tamu speaking at Doing It For The Kids meetup and Huckletree West

I’ve been self-employed for nearly a decade now and 5 of those have been with a child in tow. Being a working parent can be rollercoaster and the Doing It For The Kids community are a great group of freelance parents who get the ups and downs.

I’ve been a memeber of the community since the early days and it’s always been a veritable goldmine for advice and information.

Networking online is all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to meet people face to face – something I learned from Blogtacular last year.

It was great to meet so many faces I recognised as well as some new ones. There were also some inspirational talks about productivity, contracts and scheduling in self-care.

Tip: before you book that 06:10 train to get cheap fare just remember you’ll have to get up at 04:30…

June starts with uncertainty job wise but also two long booked events to look forward to and yes I’m back down to London for the day.

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