Make Eat Get Read Go – April 2019

Make – Floral Easter Wreath

Easter wreath workshop at Blossom Tree Studio Melbourne

My lovely friend Kerry owns Blossom Tree. I’ve know her for about a decade and we often meet up with our two little daughters for outdoor adventures.

I love Kerry’s style and did one of her Christmas wreath workshops a few years back. When she announced she was doing a Easter floral wreath I knew I wanted to take part.

The workshop was well timed for me and it was much needed me time. I easily got lost during the two hours constructing my floral masterpiece. I was the last one to leave, but I didn’t feel rushed in the slightest.

Kerry mentioned her next workshop will most likely be hand tied bouquet with peonies. I’m bound to be there!

Eat – Unicorn Afternoon Tea

Kids unicorn afternoon tea at Beaumanor Hall

When L was young rather than getting her christened we decided on a simple naming day with a set of three Fairy Godparents.

One of these fabulous Fairy Godparents is my friend Jen. Life gets in the way and we don’t see as much of each other as we used to.

We decided to meet up for an afternoon tea themed on one of L’s favourite things – unicorns.

The venue was the grand Beaumanor Hall. A stately home in the Leicestershire countryside that belongs to the county council and somewhere both Jen & I had been for training and school trips when we worked in education. In fact the last time I’d been at Beaumanor Hall I’d been dressed in 1940s garb and hiding in a Anderson Shelter with a group of 10 year olds as part of their WW2 topic.

It was a beautiful spring day and it was nice catching up with Jen . L loved the face painter and eating lots of rainbow food. We definitely took a doggy bag home as there was so much cake.

Get – Creative at Emma Bridgewater factory

painting a milk jug with stars at Emma Bridgewater Factory in Stoke on Trent

Yep it’s been a creative month, very much therapeutic. This time it was an opportunity to meet up with family while doing a bit of painting and lunch.

Amazingly, given how close I live, I’d never been to Emma Bridgewater factory before now.

L joined me for the day and the cup she picked to paint with rabbits, musical notes and flowers going to look, um, interesting once fired. I think every paint avaliable, including black, got painted on it somewhere.

I went for a simpler milk jug with tiny stars. We’ll receive the fired pots in the next few weeks.

Read – New Kitchen Basics – Claire Thompson

New Kitchen Basics by Claire Thomson

During the Easter weekend something rare happened. The weather was glorious and I managed to sit down in the garden with my feet up and read a book from cover to cover.

I’m one to read non-fiction more than fiction. Claire’ Thompson’s latest book – New Kitchen Basics has been sitting on the table waiting for me to read for the last month or so.

Those peaceful hours reading filled me with lots of meal ideas for the coming months and introduced me to recipes I hadn’t come across before yet already had the ingredients in the cupboard.

I have two of Clare’s other cookbooks and some of her recipes have become regular recipes on our meal planner. I look forward to trying some of the recipes soon.

Go – Calke Cake Run

National Trust Calke Abbey Scone and Cream

I started Couch to 5K in January and after having to take a 6 week break due impressively spraining both ankles at the same time, I’m back on the running game with new (expensive) trainers.

The last few months have been tricky for quite a few people I know. I’ve learned that both exercise and cake (usually together) are good coping strategies.

A friend, Leila, & I have started what has become to be known as a Calke Cake Run. Essentially running trails around National Trust Calke Abbey, catching up with life and finishing it off with a scone or slice of cake.

We’re both in between jobs at the moment with uncertainty of where the future is with work so it’s been good for the soul.

We head in to May with some interesting things in the diary along with a level of uncertainty as to where things are heading at the moment. Things will work out, they always do. You just have to ride it out sometimes.

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