Make Eat Get Read Go – February ’19

Make – Pasta

Not everything we make in the kitchen is photogenic. On L’s request we’ve spent today of half term at home cooking away in the kitchen. We made granola, sourdough, banana cakes with caramel cheesecake icing and stuffed pasta for lunch.

For the pasta she specifically wanted to make “bellybutton” pasta. Simply 100g pasta flour and 1 egg. We then used a borrowed pasta machine from work to roll it super thin and filled with a mixture of ham, mozzarella and Parmesan. All devoured for lunch.

Eat – Nankhatai

Last half term in school L was learning all about different countries and their cultures. Australia one week, India the second week then China next.

At home we made Nankhatai – Indian Shortbread, from the Together – Our Community Cookbook by The Hubb Community Kitchen.

These delicious, delicate biscuits were a good use of some of the ghee I had in the fridge along with introducing L to cardamom and her new love – pistachios.

Food is an amazing educational tool. Back in my teaching days I regularly introduced my pupils to different cultures through the medium of food. It’s cross curricular and multi sensory. While I didn’t expect them to like every dish, it’s a start.

Get – 10th Blood Donor Badge

I started donating blood about 8 months after L was born. A few people I knew at the time had received donated blood after giving birth so I decided that I was eligible to give blood it was time to get over my fear of needles and donate.

In February I received my 10th donation award. Each donation takes less than an hour of my time. It doesn’t hurt and I’m always rewarded with tea and chocolate biscuits afterwards.

The criteria for giving blood in the UK has recently changed so you may now be eligible to donate. If you are able to, consider it.

Read Listen – David Tennant Does A Podcast With…

Listening to podcasts are a part of my working day and my love for David Tennant is well documented.

He launched his podcast interviewing various well known entertainment figures a few weeks back and it’s already a big hit. The initial episode with Olivia Colman is fabulous.

Go – Green Fairy Trail, Lichfield

When days and weeks are hectic it’s always nice to grab time outdoors with friends. Letting the kids run off steam, getting some fresh air and catching up with the latest goss.

The Green Fairy Trail is at Heart of the Country Shopping Village just outside Lichfield. During half term we met up with Kerry from Blossom Tree to go fairy hunting with our two daughters. No fairies spotted but did find lots of fairy doors.

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