Make Eat Get Read Go – March ’18

March has been a strange month. Most of it not gone exactly to plan due to snow, more snow and a delightful bug that floored us.

Make – Snow Angels

Rosliston Forestry Centre in the snow

The month started with a couple of snow days. Work was cancelled for me and pre-school was closed. Perfectly timed with the end of the week we had a weekend to tag on to the snow fest.

The advantage of being a bunch of early birds means you have first dibs of fresh snow for sledging and playing with. Although local radio was suggesting a local road was closed due to drifts we knew different so headed out to Rosliston Forestry Centre for a spot of sledging and snow angels. We arrived at 10am with only one other car in the car park for company. We had the whole parkland to ourselves apart from the odd dog walker and their furry friend.

The centre had been closed for the previous couple of days so we had hectares of fresh untouched snow. We slid down slopes, walked in fresh knee-deep snow, made snow angels, followed various animal tracks in the snow then warmed up with a small flask of hot chocolate in the car.

Eat – Mrs Bell’s Brownies

Mrs Bell's Double Decker Brownies

Every month I treat myself to something from a fellow SME. This month was the turn of Mrs Bell’s Brownies.

Holly Bell is one cracking lady who I’ve known since her GBBO days and we used to meet up when we were both on mat leave. Back then there was talk (& tastes) of brownies so it’s so great to see Holly’s dream come to fruition.

The great things about brownies is that they survive the post well. What sets Holly’s brownies out from the other postable brownies is the gorgeous tin they come in. It was a delight to open all the layers of tissue paper to get to the chocolate treats.

There are a range of flavours available and we went for Double Decker Brownies. Yes those delicious, very much underrated chocolate bars baked into a brownie and it’s worth it. So much worth it. The 12 brownies are freezable but..well… they were that good they didn’t make it to the deep freeze…

Get – Selfish Mother Sweatshirt

Selfish Mother neon mama scoop neck

A Selfish Mother sweatshirt has been on my shopping list for a while (are you even a parent who blogs if you don’t own one?!), but until now I’d struggled to justify the price especially when most of my wardrobe comes from Sainsburys or ebay. A sale before Mother’s Day made me weak and I decided to treat myself to my own Mother’s Day pressie. Advantage being that a portion of my purchase would be going to charity.

I’ve hardly taken the sweatshirt off since. Warm, comfortable, flattering and perfect for pulling on to do the quick pre-school dash.

Read – Summers Under The Tamarind Tree

Summers Under the Tamarind Tree

Through my job I get to work with some fabulous chefs, many of which have written cookbooks. I worked with Sumayya Usmani for the first time a few weeks ago and not only is she a pleasure to work with her food is delicious.

I work with a few Indian chefs and all of their recipes are very different. Sumayya’s food is heavily influenced by her Pakistani heritage, with a touch of Iranian flavours. Her Pistachio & Rose Chicken Korma that is finished with a hefty dose of fenugreek leaves is divine and something I’ll certainly make at home again.

Go – London

London, one of our favourite places for a weekend away with lots of foodie adventures. My brother and sister in law have recently moved from Whitechapel to Blackheath so a perfect crashpad for visiting the city. LB hasn’t been to London since she was buggy bound so now was the chance to have a London adventure.

All started well. Early morning train with breakfast onboard before heading to Borough Market for a spot of lunch. Within 12 hours of our extended weekend a delightful bug, that has floored everyone we know, finally caught up with both me & Hubs rendering us pretty useless as parents. Amazingly the virus left LB alone.

My brother and sister-in-law, who we were staying with, became fabulous surrogate parents to LB for the weekend. LB was treated to walks on the heath, CBeebies on demand, fresh flower crowns and hot cross buns from Gails Bakery.

Most plans thrown out of the window and the only chance for shopping was St Pancras on the way home. Mini Hamleys for LB, Mini Fortnums & Masons for us. Some winning Marmalade Awards Grapefruit & Gin marmalade along with possibly the best chocolate biscuits ever. Worth the price tag as a very special treat.

Travelling on trains with a perfectly well pre-schooler while both of you parents feel rough as anything isn’t exactly up there with my favourite things to do. In fact it may have been in one of my top parenting fears. Never before have I been so glad for our railcard and advance purchase tickets meaning we could afford first class lounge to recuperate plus room and food on the journey home without leaving our seats.


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