Make Eat Get Read Go – October ’17

Make  – Jewelled Kheer to celebrate Diwali

Toddler making jewelled kheer

In pre-school LB has been learning about Diwali. I knew it was highly likely she’d make a diva lamp and sweets in school so decided we could make something different at home. Given I already had the ingredients in as well as some evaporated milk that needed using up, kheer it was.

It was great to investigate the different flavours and textures. The rose extract and almonds were a surprising win for LB.

Eat – Dominique Ansell Bakery London

Peanut butter mousse from Dominique Ansel

We head to London two-three times a year for a foodie jaunt. We usually have a hit list of places to visit during the 24 hours we’re there. Borough Market is a non-negotiable (oh hello Bread Ahead doughnuts).

Dominique Ansell opened their London cafe in 2016 and they’re known as the inventors of the cronut. People have queued round the block for their pastries. When we arrived mid afternoon we were too late for cronuts, but Hubs went for a frozen smore and I went for a rather delicious peanut butter mousse cake. Fluffy, delicate and not too sweet.

Get – Paul A Young Beef Dripping Caramel

Paul A Young Beef Dripping Caramel
Beef Dripping Caramel top left.

I’ve been a big fan of Paul A Young chocolates for a good few years and like Borough Market it is one of our non-negotiable when we visit London. Paul A Young is renowned for unusual chocolate flavours and the most recent – Beef Dripping Caramel, developed for Chocolate Week.

I will confess, I was a bit nervous about trying this chocolate. Beef dripping isn’t my favourite thing in the world. The caramel at first tastes like a good salted caramel then you gradually taste the subtle beef. Tastes like the caramalised ends of a beef joint. Works strangely well with the dark chocolate.

Read Listen – Not Another Mummy Podcast by Alison Perry

Another month of more podcasts than reading. This time is the turn of Not Another Mummy Podcast by Alison Perry. My favourite episode so far has to be the one with Robyn Wilder. I’ve been listening to a range of mummy/parenting podcasts and this is the first one I feel I’ve really related too. Well worth listening too along with Alison’s other podcast episodes.

Go – Gingerline Juniper Manor

Gingerline Juniper Manor

After our immersive movie experience at Secret Cinema earlier this year we knew it wouldn’t be long until our next one. For my birthday Hubs bought me tickets for Juniper Manor run by Gingerline in partnership with Sipsmiths.

Like Secret Cinema certain elements of the evening are kept a secret, including the location. We were text the directions to Juniper Manor the afternoon before the event.

The night involved 5 courses paired with gin cocktails, time travelling and some rather bizarre fun. The instructions sent before we arrived did suggest not wearing heels and to leave inhibitions at the door. Inhibitions no problem once you’ve had a glass or two of gin. The tickets for Junpier Manor have sold out, but the tickets for the next adventure, Chambers of Flavour V2, went live a few days ago.

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