Is this the end of Great British Bake Off?



I have no qualms in confessing I’ve been a fan of GBBO since the start and was approached by the BBC for series 1. I turned them down as at the time I was not eligible to apply due to my job. 

I can distinctly remember going to the Good Food Show in the NEC between series 1 and 2 and GBBO had a small stand near the back towards the Supertheatre. A lonely Paul Hollywood was handing out flyers for application forms. Oh how times have changed!

As the seventh series comes to an end Great British Bake Off, as we know it, will be no more. Will it be the same without the ever-reliable trio Mary, Mel and Sue?

The Tudor Week theme this series only goes to show that baking has always been in the British blood and in reality baking hasn’t changed much over the centuries. Jumbles and hand-raised pies are still on the menu, albeit sometimes as a more exotic incarnation, and while we’re trying to curb our love of sugar, ancient grains and alternative ingredients are being explored and used again.

Everything in life evolves, including cookery and recipes. They take inspiration from the past, muddle it around and move forward.

Who knows, the big change to the nation’s favourite TV programme could be a good thing. Paul’s new sidekick(s) could take GBBO to a new audience and direction just as it did when it launched 7 years ago. Who’d have thought back in 2010 that the nation would be now so well versed in genoise, religieuse and marjolaine?

As for Mary, Mel and Sue I think the show may be reincarnated in a different form on the BBC with maybe a certain Creme de la Creme Benoit Blin.

What ever happens I know and hope the nation will keep on baking.

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