Make Eat Get Read Go – September 2016

It would seem it’s been a rather long time since I last wrote one of these. September has been the month of tightening the purse strings after a summer holiday, building work on the house and the awkward pay packet period you get when you’re between jobs. It’s been very much one of making our own fun and getting outdoors as much as possible.

Make – Unicorn playdough

unicorn playdough recipe

If you follow me on Instagram (@butcherbakerbaby) you’ll see on the days I’m home with LB we do quite a bit of creative play and crafts. Facebook and Pinterest are a goldmine for finding cheap ideas to fill our days. You could argue this is a recipe, but of the non-edible kind and LB loves her playdough. I’ve given it the name of Unicorn Playdough because it’s sweet smelling, full of glitter, speckled with rainbows, is non-cook and the base only uses two ingredients you’re likely to have in the house.

Unicorn Playdough

  • 1 cup cornflour
  • 1/2 hair conditioner
  • 1 tsp glitter
  • small handful of crepe paper confetti

In a bowl mix together the cornflour, conditioner and glitter. When it comes together in a lumpy mess take out of the bowl and knead to get a smooth dough. If it remains sticky after a bit of kneading add more cornflour a tbsp at a time. Once the dough is made knead in the confetti. Keep in a zip loc bag when not in use as it does dry out and go crumbly quickly otherwise.

Eat – Golden raspberries

golden raspberry harvest

It’s been a rubbish year harvest wise in the garden. The Tayberries looked promising but then they went off before they ripened. The grapevine has hardly fruited, then just as we thought it was over these golden beauties didn’t let us down. Most mornings we’re down the garden harvesting berries for morning snack. LB is a dab hand at spotting the tastiest berries. Not bad for a plant that cost £1 in a council garden centre sale 3 years ago.

Get – IKEA Duktig kitchen

IKEA duktig and wooden food

LB has outgrown her first kitchen so It’s only fair we upgraded hers to the kitchen that all self-respecting toddler have – the IKEA Duktig kitchen. We picked ours up for £30 second hand, but I’d be happy to pay the £60 full price tag for it as it’s become the most popular item in the house. So much so helping me in the kitchen has been relegated in favour of rustling up playdough cake or cup of tea for teddy.

Read – Slow Dough

chris young slow dough

Sourdough and I have a stop-start relationship. I love the taste of sourdough, but am rubbish of keeping my sourdough starter going. Chris Young’s Slow Dough – Real Bread landed on the doormat at work and the recipe that called to me the most had to be the brioche doughnuts with passionfruit filling. Perfect in my eyes. Maybe I need to revive my sourdough starter?

Go – Woodland Festival, Elvaston Castle

forest school hammer leaf imprints

Every year Derbyshire County Council hold a Woodland Festival within the grounds of Elvaston Castle. Last year Hubs went with LB and this year I joined them. For £8 per car it’s a good value day out with lots of interesting crafts people as well as activities for free for little ones. I go to a Forest Playgroup with LB so it was unsurprising that the most popular stall for us was the Derbyshire County Council Forest School stand because 1) it involved bashing things with hammers 2) the wild cooking stall opposite was handing out smores.

The nights are rapidly drawing in and October is here. For us it’ll be the month of weddings, good wine and wild water rapids.

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