The blogging drought is over… I promise.


blog drought over

The Butcher Baker Baby blogging drought may be over. Believe it or not the blog is getting close to 10 years old and the Baby of the blog has turned two. How did that happen?!

The last year has been a busy one. There has been lots of sitting tight and waiting for the storm to pass; be it physically, financially, mentally or professionally. With lots of blog post drafts waiting as well as closing a 10 year-long job chapter (bye, bye education) to start a new food-filled role I decided it was about time to get the blog back up and running.

If you follow us on Instagram (@butcherbakerbaby), you will have noticed LB often joins me in the kitchen whisking, stirring and squooshing (her word, not mine) In a way this is the path the blog will follow – Our travels, life and proving that kids really can (and should) cook.

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