Make Eat Get Read Go – April ’15

megrg april 15

Or should that read Made Ate Got Read Went. I’ve decided this series of posts would make more sense (and be easier for me) if written retrospectively.

Over the last few months since I last wrote a MEGRG post spring has sprung, LB has grown more independent and our days have been filled with great food and finds, many on our doorstep.


Buggy Liner

I can be particular at times. When I discovered the buggy liner I’d bought for LB’s buggy didn’t fit, although the Mamas & Papas claimed it would, I decided the only way to get one to fit is to make one myself. Ok, I haven’t made it yet, but the material is all ready to go thanks to a Derby market stall and the amazing site Frumble. One look at the colourful Michael Miller fabric and I knew I had to have it. I’ve used Frumble before. I highly recommend them for both quick delivery and beautiful choice of fabrics.


The Dragon, Willington

We try to reserve Sundays as a  family day. We either take a picnic somewhere or eat lunch out. We’ve been meaning to try The Dragon at Willington for a long time now. After nice walk along the canal at Willington spotting our first swallows of summer, we decided to drop in to The Dragon for a small spot of lunch. How could we resist a hot maple roasted ham and stuffing sandwich topped with yorkshire pudding and served with chips and gravy dip?


Letterbox Lane plate

Letterbox Lane is a company local to me and I’ve looked at their pieces for a while. I love how they combine old crockery with quirky illustration. While at the Fabulous Places spring fair I spotted a plate I’d seen on the Letterbox Lane Facebook page and knew I had to have it. It now sits proudly next to a photo of LB less than 24 hours old.


Slow Cooked – Miss South

When I bought our slow cooker a few years ago I expected that I’d only use it in the winter months for stews, then I discovered a whole world of slow cooking on Pinterest. My slow cooker now gets used once or twice a week. It’s also great for making food suitable for LB. In October 2014 Miss South published Slow Cooked, and it has become a staple cookbook in our kitchen. Favourite recipe so far has to be Beef Rendang closely followed by Butter Chicken. Nothing beats coming home from a busy day finding dinner is bubbling and ready.


Hardwick Hall

Ebay is a dangerous place. After winning something for LB on there that would need to be picked up in Chesterfield we decided to head to make a day of it and Hardwick Hall for LB’s first picnic. As it turns out LB was far more interested in the grass and picnic blanket than eating something I’d lovingly cobbled together for her. Top marks must go to Hardwick Hall for their baby facilities. The best I’ve seen in a National Trust property. Those ardent Harry Potter fans amongst you may recognise Hardwick Hall as Malfoy Manor (minus some digital trickery) in the films.

Have you made any fabulous finds this April?

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