Make Eat Get Read Go – November ’14



Salt dough

In reality I would like my “make” to say time, but as I can’t magic time out of thin air salt dough will have to do. Salt dough is easy and uses basic kitchen ingredients. I’m going to make a batch to get some Little Baker foot and hand prints using this recipe on the fabulous Imagination Tree blog.


Bonfire Brownies

I have a few jobs for the family bonfire display: Bake cake and heat the mulled wine. These Bonfire Brownies are in the GBBO Learn to Bake book and look like the perfect thing to make. Who can say no to brownies laced with pecans then coated in marshmallows and fudgy icing?


Louise Jenkins papercutting

I’ve always admired papercutting as an art. Louise Jenkins’ work is beautiful and quite different from the other papercutting pieces out there. I particularly love the detail on this owl piece.


Annabel Karmel Baby & Toddler Meal Planner

Now is the time to start swotting up on weaning. We will not be starting until January but I need to get my head around it. I know that two major weaning camps exist: purée and baby led weaning, and that’s about all. I’ve been given this Annabel Karmel book by a friend who highly recommended it.


Bonfire display

Go for November had to be a fireworks display for Guy Fawkes Night. I’ll be watching the family bonfire & fireworks with Little Baker from the safety and warmth of a conservatory while keeping that all important mulled wine warm for the rest of the family.

Have a lovely, snug and warm November.

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