Make Eat Get Read Go – September ’14


I feel the summer has whizzed by and autumn is knocking at the door. You can usually guarantee that once the kids are back in school the weather is glorious. The advantage of being on mat leave at this time of year, I don’t need to be going back to school either. Hurrah!


Magic Trees Fabric

As most of furniture and decoration in Little Baker’s nursery is hand-me-downs or from Ikea, I felt I was allowed to splurge on one item. Even before we knew we were having a little girl I fell in love with a set of curtains in John Lewis (whoa that sounds sad) made with this beautiful Magic Trees fabric. I couldn’t resist the design and her curtains have turned out to be the most expensive in the house. You can also buy the fabric by the length and now need to think of something I could make for the nursery with it. Maybe a simple envelope cushion for the nursing chair.


Ultimate Cheese on Toast

This simple recipe for ultimate cheese on toast has become a staple in this household. Great when you have a hankering for cheese on toast, but not quite enough cheese to stretch to two rounds. I sometimes add a pinch of mustard to the mixture.


2+1=3 print – Sue Bulmer

To commemorate Little Baker’s birth I wanted to buy a piece by a local artist to go in her nursery. I saw this print by Sue Bulmer a couple of years ago and have waited for a reason to buy it. I decided this print would be perfect and hopefully something she’ll keep for years to come. Note: Sue’s new site is being launched any day now.


Recipes From a Normal Mum

Holly Bell, GBBO finalist, released her cookbook entitled Recipes From a Normal Mum recently. It’s a family friendly cookbook that is about all types of cooking, not just baking, which is different compared to other GBBO contestant books. We’ve only had the chance to cook one thing from the book so far, but the savoury bread and butter pudding with ham and cheese will certainly be served here again. Quick, easy comfort food.


Beyond Limits – Chatsworth House

We have traditions and one of these is to visit Chatsworth during the Beyond Limits exhibition. It’s my annual attempt to force feed Hubs a bit of culture. Just so happens Chatsworth is one of my favourite places in Derbyshire. Throughout the gardens during the exhibition you will find sculptures from various artists that are then sold at the end of the exhibition. Any trip to Chatsworth has to involve a pasty from the hut near the shop and ice cream. We will be introducing Little Baker to her first bit of culture and search for Mr Darcy.


Note: All my MEGRG posts feature things I love and are not influenced by PR or freebies. My copy of Recipes From a Normal Mum was a gift from Holly herself (I was about to buy myself a copy) but I wasn’t obliged to write about it.

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