Make Eat Get Read Go – June ’14

megrg june 14 It’s the end of May and after the perfect BBQ weekend a few weeks ago we’re back to rain. Can’t complain too much though because the combination of rain and sun means we’re probably going to have a bumper year in the garden for soft fruits. Even the grapevine seems to be ahead of schedule this year. As summer quickly approaches the type of foods I want to make and eat unsurprisingly changes. Out goes the hearty stodge and in comes fresh, vibrant flavours and meals that can be quickly thrown together in the evening with minimal prep and cooking. This is very much reflected in this month’s Make Eat Get Read Go.

1. Make

A successful fire in the pizza oven

As some of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will know that for the last 7 months Hubs has built a pizza oven in the back garden. It is now complete and we’re now trying to master the art of building a decent hot fire that cooks pizzas quickly and doesn’t flood the neighbours with smoke. Not as easy as it looks. Once we’ve worked that bit out we’ll blog it, but in the meantime the Forno Bravo website has become Hub’s bible.

2. Eat

Raw Raspberry Cheesecake from Monica at SmarterFitter

I have a bit of an addiction to Raspberries, they are my favourite fruit. Even from my desk on this grizzly May day I can see a few ruby jewels beginning to appear on the plants at the bottom of the garden. I’m intrigued by this Raw Raspberry Cheesecake recipe from SmarterFitter and I love the idea of a walnut, date and coconut crust. A definite spring into summer recipe.

3. Get

Mini Snips

One of my resolutions for the garden year is to make sure I take advantage of the flowers we have growing. After years of only having a veg patch it’s a bit of a novelty for me to have flowers I can cut and place in a vase. A few friends have recommended these Mini Snips to me as they are great for making delicate cuttings of herbs and flowers.

4. Read

Nigella – Forever Summer

A mixture of half term holiday, bank holiday and a general feeling of unwell, I’ve spent a great deal of the last few days watching the wonder that is Food Network. Recently they’ve been playing old series of Nigella back to back. Yes I’m the sad one that sat there with a cup of tea and a block of post-it notes bookmarking all the recipes she made on TV that I liked in my copy of Forever Summer (entitled Fresh in the US). Now I just need to make them. Oh and watching this Nigella marathon may have something to do with used copies of Bites & Express being bought for the bargain price of £2.81 each. Shopping apps make it far too easy.

5. Go

The Bulls Head, Repton

Continuing on the pizza theme, when all else fails eat at The Bulls Head in Repton. It’s one of our favourite places to eat and as we’re celebrating 7 years on marriage in June we’re bound to be found here some time. They have a wood fired oven and their pizzas are wonderful. Their burgers are pretty good too.  Whenever we eat there we always intend on finishing the meal with one of their famous gelato sundaes but you can guarantee we get carried away with the mains. If you are ever out south Derby way I highly recommend a visit.

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