Make Eat Get Read Go – May ’14

megrg may 14

1. Make

Pom pom fruits by Mr Printable

I remember as a child being slightly obsessed with making pom poms. Blame a pom pom kit I was given for Christmas. However even with a kit I don’t think I got as far as anything that wasn’t round and one colour. While we wait for the strawberry season to kick off properly in the UK maybe I should make some wool pom pom strawberries. Got to be easier than trying to attempt an amigurumi one.

2. Eat

Chocolate Pistachio Eclairs from Little Loaf

Only as an adult have I begun to appreciate sweet, cream filled choux pastry. The Little Loaf has managed to combine another one of my favourite ingredients, pistachio, in these chocolate pistachio eclairs. The Little Loaf also working on her first cookbook that I know I’ll have to get once it’s been released.

3. Get

Bread Alphabet from Becka Griffin

I already own Becka Griffin’s alphabet of cheese as it was given to me as a house warming present. I think this bread alphabet print will pair with it perfectly. I also love her Liverpool skyline drawings.

4. Read

Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard

Now I have a confession; I got Dan Lepard’s Short & Sweet from the library when it first came out and I wasn’t impressed, not that I tried any of the recipes, I just didn’t feel inspired. Fast forward a few years and everyone is still raving about the book so I decided I had to give it a second chance. The Foodie Bugle have a good 2 for 1 offer on their pre-loved cookbooks so decided to buy a copy. To make up for my alleged cookbook buying ban I’ve bought Ginger Pig meat cookbook for Hubs.

5. Go

Perfect Pies & Pastry with GBBO Beca

Hubs is the king of savoury pastry in this house and he only goes to prove that with his pork pie making skills. We like a bit of competition here so I’m off on a Perfect Pies & Pastry course with GBBO 2013 contestant Beca to see if I can beat him. There is talks of having a blind taste off in the pub afterwards to see who is the king or queen of savoury pastry. Stakes are high.


8 thoughts on “Make Eat Get Read Go – May ’14”

  • I’m in the Short & Sweet fan club, too! Love it love it love it! I’ve made loads of things from it: the lemon tart, pizza, cheese scones, some more breads….
    It’s really well written, too. But I do think the design could have been better.

    • I’m very much a visual person and can be heavily influenced by design, I wonder if that was why I didn’t get on with it first time? Hopefully my new copy should arrive tomorrow.

  • Really enjoy these round ups. Eyeing up that bread print. I’m in the Dan fan club too. The breads are fantastic. Try the red wine and walnut loaf, the linseed loaf, the five grain loaf – any of them really….

  • I think it was the lack of lots of pictures that made me not try anything from Short and Sweet for a while, but then the lemon marzipan buns in there changed everything. They were delicious!

    • I got the book on Friday and spotted that recipe when I had a good look at the book yesterday. I love marzipan and feel I should try this recipe first.

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