Make Eat Get Read Go – April ’14

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The concept of Make Eat Get Read Go (MEGRG) was only conceived mid March so you may think it’s not long since the last post, but I’m planning on posting them at the end of the month so here is April’s offerings. Unsurprisingly this edition has an Easter-ish theme.

1. Make

Lamb Creme Eggs

I’m a big fan of The Pink Whisk blog. I use some of her recipes in classes and they always work really well. I love this idea of hers to decorate a Creme Egg to look like a cute Easter lamb, however for me it has to be a Caramel egg. Would make a great project for kids too.

2. Eat

Slow roast shoulder of lamb with boulangere potatoes

This recipe for slow roast lamb with boulangere potatoes appeared on Tom Kerridge’s TV series and ever since we’ve been wanting to make it. The only way I enjoy lamb is if it is slow cooked or minced. This is a perfect dish for Easter Sunday. We’re very lucky to have managed to book a rare-as-hen’s-teeth table at Tom’s pub, Hand and Flowers,soon but you’ll have to wait for that blog post.

3. Get

David Austin Wild Edric Rose

A year in the house and we’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t work in the garden. We’ve also realised why one particular border never seems to grow much apart from the odd day lily, hydrangea and rose. The soil is well draining, but heavy clay and doesn’t always get the sun in the winter months. Roses seem to thrive in it and I’m not complaining I love roses so any excuse to expand my David Austin collection with this Wild Edric rose.

4. Read

Bridget Jones – Mad about the Boy

I have no shame in saying I love the Bridget Jones series. Although I mostly read non-fiction sometimes I need a bit of fluffy chic lit. I got my copy for Christmas and need to make an effort to read it. No spoilers please!

5. Go

Paul A Young chocolate-inspired afternoon tea

I’m a big fan of Paul A Young, his brownies are unlike anything I’ve tasted. From the 14th April until June he’s doing a chocolate-inspired afternoon tea at Grosvenor House that features a chocolate and cucumber sandwich, salted caramel scones and other chocolate delights for £40 a head. I was invited to the launch but due to work commitments was unable to make it (gutted isn’t the word) so I feel I need to make up for it. I’ll never turn down an afternoon tea especially when it involves work by one of my favourite chocolatiers.

What do you want to Make Eat Get Read Go this April?

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  • Love this round up. Nice reminder of Ruth’s lambs which I’d already oohed and aahed over. I’d love to go to a Paul Young tea.

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