The (macro) Garden Update – Oct 2012

Who would have thought when I wrote the last garden post in June that the weather would dramatically change. Earlier in the year Derbyshire had been declared a drought region then Mother Nature decided to turn the season on its head and bring us rain, lots of it. Consequently this year has been possibly the worst harvest for us. The first tomatoes refused to grow then all the replacement plants from a garden centre got blight. Nearly everything photographed in the June post got decimated by pests. With floods, hail, pests and frogs all we needed was a plague of locusts.

The grapevine produced a couple of grapes but they were tiny and not edible. This year the vine is best for giving the garden a bit of colour and for macro photos of raindrops.

However in amongst all the failed crops we managed to sucessfully grow sweetcorn the first time. We’re yet to harvest it, but it grew, it grew! While taking photographs for the post this morning I spotted a little white gem out of the corner of my eye. There, in between unseasonal delicate flowers were a handful of white alpine strawberries. These had seeded themselves from last year’s crop.

The odd weather we’ve had has changed some things in the garden. While the strawberries are still fruiting and flowering my fuchsias that looked dead all year have sprung into life. I’ve never seen such bright fuchsias so late in my garden and they neighbours have the same. It’s strange, yet beautiful, seeing an autumn garden alight with flowers in coral and blush.

 How has your garden grown this year?

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