A Very British Wet Weekend

There is nothing more British than a Summer weekend when it rains. The unseasonally wet filled June this year means that some plans have ended up a tad bit soggy. So far we’ve slid around a muddy field at Derbyshire County Show and watched a torrent of water enter neighbouring cottages then lap the door of ours (oh that was fun…not) yet in true Dunkirk spirit we just got on with it.

At a recent family weekend away the rain didn’t hold us back. With no TV or other distractions plus a rubbish phone signal we just had quality family time. Fueled by tea, a warm oven and tenacity we headed to the kitchen to complete our first job – Make scones for tiffin. Scones are perfect for children (young & old!) to make. They are quick, easy and always taste good even if they come out of the oven wonky. These didn’t last long at all.

Second job – go to the garden, collect sticks to make a fire, toast marshmallows and teach the children a few bushcraft skills. Quite a feat when it’s windy and occasional showers. While the nesh amongst us hid under tarpaulin Hubs showed the children how to make fire with just sticks. I always knew the pyromanic side of him would come in useful.

Collecting sticks
We have (small) fire

All while the dog looks on rather bemused.

It may be wet, it may be cold, it may be summer but that’s no reason to be boring.

Toasted marshmallows

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