The Tardy Garden – 2012

We thought the 2011 garden had been reluctant, but we never anticipated the dry winter of 2011-12. Until a few weeks ago Derbyshire was declared a drought region and it was certainly showing in the garden. This time last year I reported how the grapevine had fruited for our 4th wedding anniversary, 2nd June 2012 the vine was only just beginning to bear leaves.

Part of the problem was that when we had that glimpse of a hot summer back in March, we (naïvely) got a bit excited and planted the seeds out. This hot spell was soon followed by a bitterly cold snap sending the seeds into hibernation. Only in the last couple of weeks have the little vegetable seedlings begun to shoot through the ground. My herb planters are bucking the trend and will soon need to be cut back before they take over the garden. The ivy is back to life and it is probably the only thing holding up the ancient outhouse. Although not the friendliest plant in the garden I like how it brings a splash of colour.

I admit this weekend we did cheat a bit. To fill in the veg patch gaps we bought some young plants. A few varieties of tomatoes for the hanging baskets and some baby sweetcorn. We’ve never had much success in the past with sweetcorn, but hope the baby variety may be easier.

The violets I nearly dug up a few weeks back have regenerated. They’d obviously heard I was about to replace them with butterfly lavender. This means I can make more lemon & violet cakes this summer.

So while the garden has been slow to get going it still looks like it is going to be a fruitful year, just slightly later than usual.

What are you growing in your garden this year?

4 thoughts on “The Tardy Garden – 2012”

  • This is reassuring to read – we’re a bit further south than you in Oxford and our garden is at about the same stage as yours.

    Leafy / salady things are all slow to grow and our peas are about the same height as yours. Was hoping to be able to collect lunch from outside by now but it’s not to be! The only edible thing is some lettuce plants from a kind neighbour who has a greenhouse. Oh well, there’ll be plenty to eat later in the summer.

    • Good to hear someone else’s garden is slow this year. I’ve heard the sale of vegetable plants at garden centres is up this year due to everyone having rubbish/late crops.

      • I’m not surprised to hear that. Like you and everyone else I cheated and ordered some babies – courgettes and french bean seedlings

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