Delicious by DS5 – Charity pop-up by Tim Anderson

FareShare is a charity that has supported communities with food poverty since 2004. Many people think how can a westernised country like the UK have problems with food poverty, but with the country dipping into a second recession it is more real than ever. As a student I helped coordinate food parcels for those in need and I now work with families on the breadline by teaching cookery skills. I’ve seen food poverty first hand and it is very much an issue. Today FareShare feeds 34,000 people. Fareshare works by:

  • Providing quality food – surplus ‘fit for purpose’ product from the food and drink industry – to organisations working with disadvantaged people in the community
  • Providing training and education around the essential life skills of safe food preparation and nutrition, and warehouse employability training through FareShare’s Eat Well Live Wellprogramme
  • Promoting the message that ‘No Good Food Should Be Wasted’

Between 16th – 20th May Citroen and 2011 Masterchef winner Tim Anderson are opening a charity pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch with all proceeds going to FareShare. The meal features 5 courses inspired by the 5 senses.  Each £5 ticket sold will allow FareShare to feed 20 people.

Places are limited and will be assigned via a ballot. Successful applicants will find out if they have a table between the 7th and 9th of May. To apply for a place go to and click on the Delicious at DS5 tab.

I was originally invited to the preview event a few weeks back, but due to business commitments I was unable to make it. We will however be attending the pop-up and we’re both looking forward to it. To find out more information about the preview event see the blogs by Faerietale Foodie, Tea Time in Wonderland, Food Urchin and Lady M Presents.


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