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As you can imagine food is quite important to us over the festive season. Some of these foods have traditional or nostalgic connections and some are just because they taste so good. Many of these suggestions below will be great on your festive dinner table or will make equally good gifts. To see what I recommended last year see this blog post.

Artisan du Chocolat – While at Bite n Write food bloggers conference in November I was lucky enough to try some chocolates from Artisan du Chocolat. The tobacco infused ganache really stood out. Initially it developed for one of Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas Feasts.  Now it is only made to order, but you can buy their tobacco bars. I’m not a smoker in the slightest, but the smoky berry taste of this chocolate is delicious and perfect for Christmas.

Penderyn Whisky – While staying at Dapper Camping Club in summer we went on a whisky tasting tour at the Penderyn distillery. During the tour we tasted some of their whiskeys. Hubs is now a fan. Their cream liqueur, Merlyn, is really rather good too.

Buffalo Brownies – A fabulous brownie company that is local to me. Their chocolate chip blondies are really something. Sweet, rich, fudgy and almost like Scottish tablet. One of their Chip blondies cut into smaller pieces would make fine little petit fours. They have a great offer on at the moment: box of 6 mixed brownies for £6 (free P&P) certainly be taking advantage of this offer!

Macarons & More – I finally got to try some of Tim Kinnard’s macarons at this year’s Good Food Show. My favourite flavours are the coffee macarons along with the mint and dark chocolate ones. I certainly wouldn’t say no to a box of these in my stocking. A perfect after dinner alternative.

Shorrocks Lancashire Bomb cheese – Here Christmas isn’t Christmas without a great cheese board. The newest cheese this year to our board will be Shorrocks Lancashire Bomb cheese. When left at room temperature this strong yet creamy cheese softens so it’s almost spreadable. Delicious and not one to be wasted on top of a jacket potato.

Womersley Food vinegars – I’d heard lots about this brand so was pleased to finally try some at this year’s Good Food Show. Their Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli vinegar and Lemon, Basil, Bay and Juniper vinegar will certainly brighten up leftovers on Boxing Day.

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Garlic Mayonnaise – It may seem odd that I’ve mentioned mayo, but trust me this is one of the best mayonnaises on the market and equals the homemade equivalent. I’ve been a big fan of Farrington Oil’s for years. There is a reason why Nigella says life’s too short to make mayonnaise when you can buy Mellow Yellow Mayonnaise. A big dollop of this in your turkey sarnie will transform it.

What foods will be adorning your Christmas dinner table this year?

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  • I tried Tim’s macarons at MasterChef Live and I’m with you on those flavours – the coffee one was just divine! I will definitely be ordering some more of those in the past. I’m also thinking about having a go at making some (not that for one moment I think they will turn out like Tim’s!)

    You have very good taste in food, Jules!

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