Christmas Cookbook Countdown

With only *whispers* 2 weeks left until Christmas. It’s fair to say Christmas is a hectic time of year for me and the business. Today is my first day off in two weeks and from tomorrow will not be stopping until Christmas Eve. Hubs’ & parent’s presents are sorted, as for everyone elses? Thank for the lord for the internet and Derby Westfield opening late in the run up to Christmas.

I will admit I’m a cookbookaholic, but it takes a lot to impress me with a cookbook. If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift this year here are my top cookbooks of the year. Go here to see last year’s selection.

Pieminister: A Pie for All Seasons – Tristan Hogg & Jon Simon – One of my favourite cookbooks of the year. This isn’t a book telling you how to cook Pieminister pies, it’s a book all about the art of pie making and how they can be made at home in all their different forms. It is this book that has shown me how great suet pastry can be and who can say no to a Hunters Chicken Pie?

Supper Club: Recipes and notes from the underground restaurant – Kerstin Rogers Kerstin a.k.a. Ms Marmite Lover is a legend in the blogging world. She continues to write one of my favourite blogs and I hope one day to finally visit her Supperclub in Kilburn. This cookbook is not only beautiful, it is also full of great advice on how to run a supperclub and wonderful recipes. An essential bookshelf book and a fab coffee table book.

My Daddy Cooks – Nick Coffer Nick writes the blog My Daddy Cooks and his cookbook has been a true hit, not just by bloggers. The fact that Nick and Kerstin’s books above were available in my local library without having to order in says it all. Earlier in the year I reviewed this book with my Little Helpers and they loved the book. I may not yet have a family, but the cookbook is still very much used.

Laudree: Sucre: The Recipes A stunningly beautiful book all about French patisserie that seems to have slipped under the radar. Who can say no to a little book with gilt-edged pages, wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a dainty box. I managed to borrow a copy of this from the library and now, if Santa is listening, I’ll have my copy soon.

The Whole Hog Cookbook – Libbie Summers & Paula Dean A cookbook that very much focuses on nose to tail eating. It features fabulous pork dishes from around the world and even includes some sweet dishes. The hardest thing about this book is deciding what to cook first.

Planet Cake – Paris Cutler – This book has a great deal to answer for. It is this book that has given me cake decorating confidence over the last year and helped me create the Baby Shower Cakes. Perfect book for those new to cake decorating.

The Vintage Tea Party Book – Angel Adoree – following on the vintage wave that is currently flowing this is the book from Vintage Patisserie who featured on Dragon’s Den. This isn’t just about cakes, it’s about the savoury options too along with how to throw the perfect vintage party.

River Cottage Veg Every Day – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – You can’t go wrong with River Cottage books. This book is the book that accompanied the TV series and full of great veggie meals that even satisfy carnivore Hubs. The mushroom ragout and polenta from this book is particularly good. If you have the other River Cottage books you’ll recognise some of the recipes in this book, but it is still a very good cookbook.

What Shall We Cook Today? A great cookbook for children that came out this year. A novelty to find one that caters for both boys and girls of a wide age range and it’s just about baking cupcakes, even if the cover doesn’t let on to that fact. I like how the book is split into seasons of the year. The Little Helpers made the Chocolate Salami from the book which went down very well.

What cookbooks are you hoping Santa brings?

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