Beautiful Frost

The current weather that the majority of Europe is experiencing has brought some spectacular sights courtesy of Mother Nature. Where we are we haven’t had snow quite few days now but the subzero temperatures mean it hasn’t thawed. When Hubs left for work this morning his car was reading -11°c. Today is the first day we haven’t had a thick fog and instead a deep blue December sky. All the trees and plants are enrobed in a hoar frost which is beautiful. The photos don’t really do justice how stunning everything looked this morning after being touched by Jack Frost.

Today to get in the Christmas spirit I’m making Mince Pies with primary children. By the end of the fortnight, as long as the weather doesn’t jeopardise the classes, I will have helped to make over 400 mince pies. You should have seen the look of the cashier when I went to buy the ingredients yesterday. 7kg of mincemeat is quite a sight!

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