We’ll be back

Things are just a tad bit up in the air here at the moment. I have finally left my job and am in the process of setting up my kids cookery business which is taking up a great deal of my time. 9-5 is spent on my work computer, which deliberately doesn’t have distractions on it or I’m  planning/organising/developing resources for my business. I’m being strict with my time so I get in a good routine straight from the start. Hubs is also snowed under in work with some big projects. Evenings are currently spent away from the computer and catching up with life.

You can’t beat my new office where there are beautiful views of the garden, I can wear PJs if I want to, the birds chirping through the open window and the best bit at the moment, no commuting. I’m still very much using Twitter which is providing to be a great network source and doesn’t distract me or take up chunks of time.

We may have gone quiet, but will we will be back with some exciting projects soon.

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