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It’s that time of year when people start to ask me what I would like for Christmas. To be honest I don’t need anything, hey our cottage is no Tardis and the secret hidey holes are becoming increasingly crammed, however here is a selection of a few things I would love to be treated to. I suppose they do show my love of vintage, slightly eccentric things.

I first saw designs by Hanne Rysgaard on Not On The High Street and fell in love her dotty milk jug. It equals my hankering for the Made in England rolling pin last year. I have it on good authority that she also sells other ceramic items including cake stands.

I’m not sure if I would use these vintage Hovis tins for baking as I rarely bake bread in tins now, but I still love them. Like the picture suggests they would be great as a planter.

I’m on the look out for the perfect white china butter dish and cake/cheese dome…I’m still searching.

Ever since the School of Artisan Cookery opened earlier this year I’ve been interested in vising. I love the sound of their patisserie, artisan chocolate and preserves courses.

Vintage cookbooks
, I just love them. I find it fascinating looking at ingredients and how you can witness social history changing by just looking at cookery books through the ages. I’m after a very old edition of Mrs Beeton, but given the prices they go for I could be saving for some time.

Lastly I’m after a vintage glass butterchurn as seen on River Cottage Winter on Thursday. No room for it in the house, but I would love one!

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  • What a great idea for a post. :D I hadn't seen the Made in England rolling pin – it's so fab. My wishlist is now very similar to yours…!

  • The planted up Hovis tin looks great! Making me think of my wishlist now. Elaine who is going to be at fab places Christmas Market makes lovely cake stands. I have just inherited an antiquey one, but I keep filling it with fruit as I have not had time to bake. Must bake this months challenge soon…

  • I love Hovis tins as planters! There's a vintage store near me called RE-Found Objects and they sell them in the garden section. I've been planning on buying one for herbs for an age but i'm juts not blessed with green fingers.Katie xox

  • lovely post Jules. The milk jugs are totally gorgeous but I'm not sure I'd trust myself not to drop it! And with cats in the house we've learnt the hard way that it's never worth spending more than a couple of quid on anything breakable. My glass teapot lasted 4 days!

  • Love those milk jugs! A word of advice, if you do get a hovis tin as a planter make sure you line it with something waterproof, otherwise they go very rusty ;0)

  • Good list – I love those milk jugs – so cute! I'll have to have a look at the school – sounds interesting!!! xxx I hope you do get all you wish for too! xxx

  • Love your list! My Christmas list is growing but I keep having to cull it and cross out anything too big. We live in a small flat in central London and it's so frustrating trying to work out where my kitchen kit can go!

  • I love the hovis tins, I saw some a few weeks ago and have been coveting ever since! Hoping santa will be nice to me this year :-)

  • Hmmmmmmmm – my christmas wish list seems to have grown now I've read your post. Hehehe, Hubby is threatening to ban me from looing for any more kitchen related items for Christmas.

  • Nora – I love the rolling pin. It is quite fragile though so I use it as more of a decorative item.Jennifer, Janice, Curious Cat – thank you :)Thingswemake – I'm hoping to make it to the fair this weekend. I'm looking forward to it.Caked Crusader – I also love their use of random ingredients.Katiecakes – I'm admit I'm not too great with plants apart from mint & rosemary. I leave the rest to Hubs.Nipinthebud – I can understand the problems with cats. The only thing I have to worry about is my butterfingers!H – thanks for the tip :)Alex – I'm now going down the path of practical and beautiful then I don't have to hide it in a cupboard!Anne – I hope you get it too.Chele – You can never have too much Kitchen stuff ;)

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