Cookery Club – the beginning

CC-day arrived. I ran my first cookery class…& survived! I’ll admit to really enjoyed it. There was so many kids wanting to take part I split them over two nights and it’ll run for 10 weeks.

The aim of cookery club is in introduce new foods to the children and allow them to try them in a safe environment, acquire important life skills and most importantly have fun with food! In turn it would be nice if the things we make begin to inspire the contents of the kid’s lunchboxes. I don’t believe in lecturing people as it doesn’t work, instead by educating people you can empower them to make informed choices.

I’m really proud of the kids. This week we made fruit salad in which the children had to bring at least 1 fruit that they had never tried before. All of them were up for trying new fruits, even if at first they were unsure. I was really impressed with the selection we had; it included papaya, passion fruit, lychees (mistakenly called leeches by one of the kids), pineapple and mango. Once the kids had shown they could use a normal knife sensibly, they were allowed to use a paring knife. Thankfully there was no chopped fingers!

Next week is pita bread and while they are baking weā€™re going to make butter. The kids are all very intrigued about how we are going to make butter. I hope next weeks club goes as well as this weeks club.

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