The Good Food Show Haul

Yesterday, with some foodie friends, we headed to Birmingham for the annual Good Food Show. A good time was had by all, though I did get fed up being barged by those trolleys everyone seemed to be pulling around with them. We tasted some very good…and very bad stuff.

Snowdonia Cheese Company – Their cheese are always a fond favourite in our house, especially Black Bomber. We ended up buying: Green Thunder – Mature Cheddar with garlic & garden herbs in a green wax, Red Devil – Red Leicester with chillies & crushed pepper in a red wax Pickle Power – Mature Cheddar with chunks of pickled onion in a purple wax.

Ritter sport – These are another dirty secret of mine. I fondly remember them from when I lived in Germany and go slightly mad when I see them for sale. Yesterday they were selling mixed boxes of their mini bars and they all contained my favourite flavours so I HAD to buy them!

Tea House Emporium This stall was easy to miss, but I’m glad I found it. Their Kalahari tea was beautiful and refreshing and this is the first place I’ve found tea flowers for sale. Since seeing them online I’ve been intrigued by them. They look so pretty and delicate. I may be in the Bath area around New Year and will have to pop in.

Fox’s Spices – They had a big stall with a gigantic selection of spices. I picked up some garam masala, kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, powdered coconut cream and some pickling spices. They don’t seem to have a website, but when I do find it I’ll link it here.

White’s Toasted oats – I love my cereal. I’m the kind of person who eats a bowl of cereal when they can’t decide what to eat or can’t be bothered cooking, however I am getting a bit bored of my morning porridge and welcomed a change. I had a bowl of the mixed berries cereal this morning and it was a perfect breakfast.

Pinks meat – Sausage stalls seemed to be in the majority at the show but what made this stall stand out was the lovely staff, yummy sausages. We tasted and bought from Pork & Indian pepper sausages and had them for tea last night with a huge mound of mash…yum, yum, yum!

Belvoir Fruit Farms – Last year I tried some of their Spiced Winter Berries cordial but stupidly never bought any. This year I made sure I did. It’s made with elderberry, orange and blackberry juices mixed along with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves; a fantastic non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine. This afternoon we went for a brisk walk and a flask of this hot cordial was perfect for warming the cockles.

Focus on Food campaign – On my hunt for companies/resources to help us become a Healthy School I found out about the Focus on Food campaign. In interested in the cooking bus they do and hope to bring it to school.

Rocket Gardens – An amazing company with an innovative idea. I’m hoping to use some of the schools gardening club money to buy a School Spring Garden. I’m also loving their Dig for Their Future campaign.

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