A Fuzzy Feeling Inside

Today we went to the cinema. We don’t go to the cinema together very often as we rarely can agree as to which films to watch. With his favourite films being things like Resident Evil & Layer Cake and mine being Moulin Rouge & Hairspray, you can see where the problem lies. He was very instant on watching Indiana Jones and he has been badgering me for weeks. I will get him back. I’m insisting as I’ve had to sacrifice 2 hours to watch Indiana Jones he must come and watch Mamma Mia with me…mwhahaha.

After the torture of Indiana Jones (ok it wasn’t that bad!) we went to the PYO farm. The farm signs indicated that the raspberries were now ready. Well lets just say it took us 45 min to fill a small punnet of raspberries, they do taste good though. I think in about 1.5 weeks the crops will be better. The odd raspberries we did find were like glistening ruby beacons. While there we did manage to pick a more impressive punnet of strawberries and blackcurrants.

Tonight’s meal was Tuna Fishcakes. I really enjoyed them. For 26 years I’ve been avoiding tuna, not realising I actually like it. Thanks to Lizzie @ Hollow Legs I can now add tuna to my list of fish I like!

This evening while preparing dinner and the summer puddings for tomorrow I popped out to the front of the house to be greeted with a sight that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Coming down the road toward the house was a classic sports car decked out in wedding ribbons. I’m not 100% sure what car it was but it looked like an MG and it was from the same era as the Austin Healey Sprite we hired for our wedding last year. It stopped me in my tracks. I glanced at the bride, she was beaming. I smiled back as I knew exactly how she was feeling.

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