Cider, Campfire & Cake

We have just returned from a fab weekend camping in Oxfordshire to celebrate a good friend’s birthday, whilst eating far too much cake and in good camping tradition consuming vast quantities of cider.

We stayed at Britchcomb Campsite which turned out to be a great place and one of the few campsites who still allow to to have a proper campfire (which we obligingly toasted marshmallows over later). We were in a field with lots of other groups. It had a great atmosphere. There was also low light pollution along with a clear warm night allowing us to watch the starry sky.

No birthday can be celebrated without cake so I made some Nutella & Peanut Brownies along with some Malt loaf (another camping staple!). It seems the other guests had the same idea and on top of my baking we also had banana loaf, toffee cake, blueberry muffins and fairy cakes. Who said you can have too much cake…scarily us 8 had scoffed most of the cakes by lunch today.

Before the BBQ on Saturday evening most of us climbed White Horse Hill. As soon as we got back the cider & wine was cracked open…quickly followed by cake for “starters” while we were waiting for the BBQ to cook.

This afternoon after a late breakfast of bacon butties and in an attempt to walk off the cake & cider, 4 of us went to Buscot park. Well what a beautiful place. The garden were amass with stunning flowers. We spent a few hours just wondering around the gardens. The house also had a great art collection. I would highly recommend the place to anyone who is out that way.

Although I now stink of campfire smoke and have a burnt nose due to the glorious sunshine, for me it was the perfect summer weekend with friends.

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