The Great Outdoors

Hubby and I have a big love of the great outdoors. Although we kept the walking up during the winter we were hankering to get back under canvas. Compared to many we are quite hardcore campers, but I do put my foot down on wild camping!

We’ve just spent the weekend at Edale, camping at Fieldhead Campsite. The thing I love about camping and walking is that it is pure escapism. I can stand on the top of a mountain/hill/tor and feel a million miles away from things that may be worrying me.

However the one thing that slips when camping is where my foodie halo. Using the equipment we use, minimal storage and no refrigeration plus the need to have a high carb/energy meal to keep us going it isn’t the easiest cooking. In the summer we often have BBQ’s but may campsites we stay at don’t allow BBQ’s so we have to use our highly refined, state of the art *tongue in cheek* meths stove. Anyone who has ever done a Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions will have fond/hateful* (*delete as appropriate) memories of meths stoves and how they have the ability to taint everything you eat with meths. On the Friday night after our starter of cider and nuts (don’t ask, it’s a camping tradition) we had some rehydrated chicken korma and shepherds pie. Delia would be proud as all it required was 300ml of boiling water and 5 mins…voila, a “tasty, nutritious” meal. Friday night was cold, plus the strong winds didn’t help. Over night, inside the tent it reached 4oc. A breakfast of porridge was certainly very welcoming.

On the Saturday we decided another evening meal of rehydrated food really wasn’t keeping our cockles warm so we headed off to the local pub called The Old Nag’s Head in Edale. It turned out to be a fab pub perfect for walkers where you could keep your muddy boots on while being served with big mugs of tea and hearty traditional pub fayre around a roaring fire. I had a very nice broccoli and cheese bake and Hubby had a delicious lamb stew served in a huge Yorkshire Pudding.

Sunday we arranged to meet up with one of my friends and conquer Derwent Edge alongside Ladybower Reservoir. The hike was certainly one of the hardest I’ve done in a while, but it was very exhilarating. Just as shame for most of the time we were walking above the cloud base and didn’t get to see the views over the whole Peak District that are meant to be stunning. Well at least it’s another excuse to visit the area on a day where the weather is better!

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