Chocolate Therapy & Easter Egg Hunt

After a thoroughly awful day at work I was in severe need of chocolate therapy. So finding a box of Just Truffles from Hotel Chocolat on the doorstop cheered me up no end. The smell as I opened the box was divine.

With 10 different alcohol laced chocolates to choose from including Kirsch, white rum, white champagne, cointreau and calvados. My favourite is Tiramisu, the contrast between the white and dark chocolate shell plus the tiramisu filling was delicious.

To be honest my favourite chocolates are usually the ones that involve coffee. I learnt as a young child it was advantageous to like coffee chocolates as more often than not they were always the ones left in the bottom of the tin. The trick being eat all the chocolates that everyone else likes first, then you’ll also have the coffee ones at the end that no one wants. I wasn’t daft!

I’ve promised to take the remainder of the box for my mum to taste on Mother’s Day. I can’t promise her how many will be left though. Thank goodness I didn’t give up chocolate for lent.

Win luxury Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat

Easter is coming around the corner very quickly and everyone wants that extra special Easter Egg! Domestic Goddess in Training has teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer you a chance to win some of Hotel Chocolat’s extra special, extra thick Easter Eggs. To enter, click here and simply answer six questions which will take you on an Easter egg hunt to find the secret code. Once you have answered each question, use the first letter of each answer to reveal the secret code. If you have found the right answer you stand a chance to win one of Hotel Chocolat’s stunning Extra Thick Easter Eggs!

Please read the terms and conditions. Only UK residents are eligible to enter this competition.
Closing date for entries is 11.59 pm 18/03/08.

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