Season of Love

I admit, I (well both Hubby & I!) have a bit of a reputation when it comes to chocolate, especially chocolate that comes from Hotel Chocolat. It all started a couple of years ago when my cousin gave us a gigantic box for Christmas. Now it has escalated to the point where we put “Anything from Hotel Chocolat” on our wedding list and for birthdays my friend and I send each other various new Hotel Chocolat products. So you can imagine when Hotel Chocolat said they would send me The Love Selection to try both Hubby & I were ecstatic!

The Love Selection features 4 of their mini slabs. Although I seem to have eaten my way around most of the Hotel Chocolat stock, I’d never eaten the slabs of mini slabs before. The Love Selection contained a milk Love Slab, dark Love Slab, Crostini Fruit & Nut plus Praline Fusion.

The Love Slabs feature a pink cherry coloured ripple, crispy feuillentine praline textured with small pieces of crispy, oven baked pancakes, decorated with sour cherries and engraved with a chocolate heart. Sour cherries and chocolate are a seriously underated combination.

The Praline Fusion slab had milk chocolate swirled with white chocolate hazelnut praline. It was perfect nutty, melt in your mouth chocolate with a completly different texture than the Love Slabs

Finally we taste Crostini Fruit & Nut. A milk chocolate slab filled with cranberries, sultanas, almonds, crostini biscuit and hazelnuts. I’ve always been a fan of the famous fruit & nut, but this was delicious. The tastes, the textures, perfect.

Go on treat yourself…

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