Ruddy Muddy Marvelous!

We’ve not long returned from the highlight of all UK foodies calendar – The Good Food Show. We visited the show in Birmingham and have spent most of the day eating/drinking our way around all the stalls. Well as Hubby was driving I was doing most of the alcohol drinking! We got there at 9am and although we had to queue for 20 min on the M42 to get to the NEC we seemed to beat the crowds and this was when we got the best freebies.

There were some fantastic stalls and we did see Gordon Ramsey and Angela Hartnett …oh and the bloke who looks after the Guinea Pigs at Jimmy’s Farm! Some of my favourite stalls included:

The Really Garlicky Company – we brought some oak smoked garlic from here and hope to use it in the next couple of weeks.

Farrington Oils – I’ve been raving about their rapeseed oil, Mellow Yellow for a while now and today was given the opportunity to taste some of their new products coming out. Their honey and mustard dressing is delicious.

Jimmy’s Farm (aka The Essex Pig Company) – We brought some Essex Beer Pork Sausage and Peppered Steak Sausage. The steak ones are currently cooking and I’ll be interested to taste them. For lunch Hubby had a pork pattie from their stall and said it was delicious.

Ocean Spray – Gave some of the most generous freebies in the shape of a carton of cranberry juice and snack pack of dried cranberries.

Walkers Crisps – had one of the most entertaining stands with a bloke dressed up as a eccentric farmer shouting “Ruddy Muddy Marvelous”! Also were serving freshly cooked crisps where you could add your own flavourings. Thanks to Claire for recommending this stall.

I’m in Season – An interesting stall with accompanying website.

In amongst all these gems there was some truly awful tasting products. The worst included a fortified wine with chocolate (tasted like really bad musty red wine mixed with cheap chocolate) another was a coffee cream liqueur that tasted of oil. yuk.

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