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We have a very good pub within walking distance (or should that be staggering distance!) from our house. The menu is unlike the traditional pub grub menus that all the other pubs seem to serve around here. It certainly isn’t cheap by any means, but it really nice for a treat. Tonight hubby decided to treat me. I more often than not choose the veggie dish when I’m eating out, but tonight the one veggie dish was uninspiring and I didn’t fancy any of the run-the-mill dishes so decided to be brave and eat something I’ve never eaten before, venison.

My dishes:

Homemade tomato soup – Thick, creamy and tasty soup that did appear to be genuinely homemade

Venison on a bed of butternut squash and mustard mash with juniper berry jus. – I was expecting the venison to have a gamey taste, but instead it was like eating a really strong tasting beef steak. The butternut squash and mustard was the perfect accompaniment.

Chocolate and biscuit terrine served with cappuccino mousse – Nice, but I would have made it completely differently. I was expecting the terrine to be crunchier, but instead it had been set in a kind of chocolate jelly.

Hubbies dishes:

Scallops with tomato and garlic salsa and rocket – I had a taste as I’ve never eaten seafood before (apart from chip shop fish!). The taste was ok, but I really wasn’t keen on the texture. To me it was like eating the fat on a pork chop (I’m not a big fat fan to start with). Hubby loved them.

Fillet of pork wrapped in pancetta served with black pudding and braised apples. – I didn’t taste taste this, but hubby said it was delicious.

Creme BruleeYou can’t go wrong with a traditional creme brulee.

As tomorrow is Stir-up Sunday I’ve been soaking various fruit in Guinness ready to make the Christmas pud that featured in last months GFM.

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