Bonfire Night

We’re back from our Bonfire party weekend in Warwickshire, that involved copious amounts of mulled wine and fireworks. In the UK 5th November is Guy Fawkes Night (also known as Bonfire Night) where we celebrate the fact that Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the House of Parliament. We didn’t have the traditional bonfire, but did set alight a “Guy”. Traditionally there is many foods surrounding Guy Fawkes Night including toffee apples, cinder toffee, bonfire toffee, jacket spuds, soup and mulled wine. The apples and cheesecake we made went down very well.

In the West Midlands it is traditional to have Faggots with mushy peas on Bonfire Night. I have to admit I’ve always been a bit nervous about trying faggots due to the cuts of meat they contain (pork – offal, heart, liver) but it didn’t taste like I was expecting. To me they tasted of strong sausagemeat, not sure I would eat them again though!

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