Plum & Port Brulee

We’ve had some plums for a few weeks now that have been refusing to ripen, so rather than making a jam with them I stewed them with port and served it as a kind of creme brulee for pudding tonight. Photo isn’t great as hubby kept on casting a shadow as he was blow torching his pudding. Plus the dodgy things that look like chicken nuggets at the front of the plate are actually pieces of puff pastry (leftover cuttings from the pies!) that had been dusted in icing sugar and baked in the oven!

Plum & port brulee
Serves 2

4 plums, stoned & quartered
2 tbsp port
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
1 star anise
6 tbsp yogurt/creme fraiche
demerera sugar

1) Simmer vanilla sugar, port and plums for 10 min. Allow to cool for around 10 min then spoon into ramekin dishes.

2) Spoon yogurt over plums then sprinkle liberally with demerera sugar. Either place under grill or use blow torch to caramelise sugar.

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