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Firstly “hello” to everyone who found my blog after my Cinder Toffee post was linked to on the Guardian website. My sister has been down to stay with us for a couple of days. Yesterday we went to Birmingham with the primary aim of eating our way around Selfridges Food Hall. I haven’t been feeling well over the last couple of days so we ended up not eating much, it was more window shopping! But when I go back in the next couple of months I will certainly try out the noodle bar and one of their ice cream sundaes. The only things we brought from there were some Krispy Kreme doughnuts (almost as good as ones I tried at a fiesta in Spain) and Lucky Charm cereal for hubby. I was hoping to get some Welch Grape Juice that I have seen there before, but the shop assistant didn’t know what I was going on about.

Lunch was at EAT! I really like this place as the food is fresh not doused in mayo and is forever changing depending on the seasons.

The only other foodie purchase of the day was a metal hand whisk. Only recently I replaced my old metal hand whisk with a silicone one, thinking it would be easier to clean. Yes it is easier to clean, but it doesn’t whisk very well at all, so decided splash out on a new posh metal whisk from House of Fraser.

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