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Any chance of healthy eating before Christmas has been blown. I’ve just seen Lidl’s TV advert promoting their Christmas range. I spent 3 years of my childhood growing up in Berlin and have fond memories of the Christmases there. A great deal of my memories relate to the food that is traditionally eaten in Germany over the festive period. The Glühwein, stollen, pfeffernüsse, lebkuchen herzen and chocolate coated marzipan. I can vividly remember staring through a bakery window watching them construct a huge gingerbread house.

I could happily swap traditional British Christmas fayre with the German traditions. I have made my own stollen and pfeffernüsse before, but they still are not quite as good as the originals. Lidl’s mini stollen and dark lebkuchen herzen are addictive.

oooohhh I’m hungry now and craving lebkuchen!

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