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A few years back Hubby (then boyfriend) and I decided to get on the property ladder. Our perfect house came on the market and we knew we had to buy it. Our cottage was originally built in around 1780 for mill workers (the mill is still opposite, but no longer a working mill). Sadly it is only one bedroom so in the next couple of years when we start a family we’ll have to move and buying a property big enough with the same type of location is going to be expensive.

Disadvantages of living in a 200+ year old 1 bedroom cottage:
* No central heating (but we do have plug in heaters)
* When the fields out back are harvested we get little furry visitors coming to have a nosy/nibble of our sofa.
* Lack of storage space. We’ve become very inventive with hiding things.

* Beautiful views from the front and back.
* South facing, which helps to heat the house up
* Big thick walls, great for insulating.
* Open fire, that radiates heat throughout the house.
* Lovely and cool in the Summer, cosy in the winter.

So it is now officially Autumn in our household as we lit the fire for the first time in around 5 months, so bring on all the classic Autumn comfort food. We do cook occasionally on the open fire. We have a cast iron kettle to boil water and we have been known to cook chestnuts and potatoes plus toast the odd marshmallow. I put my foot down at hubbies idea to spit roast a chicken over it! The fire is essential as we don’t have gas in the village, plus in winter we often get powercuts.

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