It’s been a crazy weekend at the 24 Hour Race. Hubby & I were helping my brother to run his photography business. Hubby was acting as freelance photographer and I was the woman keeping customers who visited our stall happy and bossing around the boys. The above photo was taken by hubby. The race started at midday Saturday and ran through until midday Sunday. We provided nearly 24 hour photographic coverage of the race which meant not getting to bed until midnight on the Saturday and getting up at 5.30am to catch the sunrise. Although it was tiring I really enjoyed it, plus on the Saturday night we managed to catch a live performance by the fantastic Screaming Citizens who were providing the entertainment.

I never managed to get any baking done for the event, but while I was there managed to taste some Scouse for the first time in years. I had the lamb version. It’s delicious with a spoonful of pickled red cabbage and a hunk of crusty white bread. Eventhough Souse is a traditional dish for the Merseyside area it is really difficult to come across. Scouse is now on my “must make in the next few weeks” list!