Spinach & Potato Omlette

After the disaster of my lasagna (even though I’ve made it loads of times before), I decided to make something tonight that couldn’t possibly go wrong. Until just under a year ago I had convinced myself that I didn’t like omlette/quiche/egg based meals apart from scrambled eggs. I don’t know why. As I’m not really an meat eater I decided I really should begin to like eggs. Tonight’s most recent veggie dish was spinach and potato omlette. Both hubby and I liked it, but next time I’ll add a bit more seasoning. The leftovers will be in my bento tomorrow!

Spinach & Potato Omlette

250g spinach, wilted
1 medium onion, finely sliced
2 medium potatoes, finely sliced
8 eggs
olive oil

1) Slowly fry onion and potato in non-stick frying pan until potato is softened. Stir in spinach.

2) Whisk eggs and season. Pour over potatoes, stir until it begins to firm. Once the omlette is almost set put until a high grill to set top. Turn omlette over and put back onto the hob for a couple of minutes.

We’re working for my brother at a big sailing event this weekend as photographer/dogsbody/chief biscuit maker and I’m planning to make custard creams and chocolate caramel nuggets . In the coming few weeks hubby wants to attempt Créme Brûlée Bubbles

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