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Today was my first attempt at a Bento lunch. Although when I first saw the size of the box I wasn’t sure it would hold a lunch for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. I find lunch times so boring, and it doesn’t help that the microwave in work is broken.

Today was:
Balsamic potatoes (the leftovers from yesterday)
carrot & cucumber
Cottage cheese
Strawberry yogurt with dried apricots.

I quite enjoyed it, but balsamic potatoes are far nicer hot than cold. Tomorrow I plan to have spring rolls with sweet chilli dip.

Tonight I made a very disastrous lasagna. Everything went wrong from the beginning. First I realised I had run out of tomatoes in any form so had to raid the “camping food” stash for a tomato substitute in the form of Dolmio Stir in Sauce (I only ever eat this as an standby food when camping!), my bechemal sauce wouldn’t thicken then the lasagna caught slightly when in the oven. It ended up being a sloppy mess.

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